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Privacy Policy

According to the "Federal Law for Personal Data Protection,  Bambuddha, S.A. de CV, is a company legally registered in accordance with Mexican laws, with commercial address located in Barra Vieja km 37 - Acapulco de Juárez as responsible for the processing of your personal data.  All the info provided to Bambuddha as a result of any commercial action,  clients info is strictly confidential so when providing your personal data, such as:

1. Name and / or company name

2. Address.

3. Office and mobile phones

4. Email.

5. Other


These will be used only and exclusively for the following purposes:

1. Advertising campaigns.

2. Loyalty programs.

3. Information and Provision of Services.

4. Update of the Database.

To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and in order to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, we have established various procedures in order to avoid unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat them properly. Likewise, we inform you that your personal data may be transmitted to be treated by people other than this company. All your personal data are treated according to the applicable law and in force in the country, so we inform you that you have at all times the rights (ARCO) to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the treatment we give your personal data. If you want to remove your personal information from our data, please contact us in writting to: or with the exact information provided to Bambuddha S.A de CV. to remove your personal information from our Data Base. 

Reservation, Cancellation and Service Policies

Bambuddha does not refund any payments made, if the client submits any dissatisfaction with the facilities or the service of the place. Bambuddha will reserve the right to evaluate situation and according to it make or not a refund.. Client satisfaction is very important to Bambuddha and may consider granting some compensation for any inconvenience if the case warrants it, without any  legal obligation.

The tips suggested to the staff of the bar and restaurant, as well as to the kitchen and cleaning staff, is at least 15%, however this will be  consideration and satisfaction of the client.

For comments and suggestions, you can send an email to or leave them on the comment cards located at the reception. Always happy to receive your comments.

Use of the Facilities


It is important that your pets meet the following requirements in order to receive them: They must have all the vaccines and be valid. (Bambuddha may request a vaccination card at the time of reservation or arrival)

Consider that if the dog or the dogs are "loud or aggressive" Bambuddha will be at liberty to request to be removed from the place, since under no circumstances we want to disturb the rest of the guests.

Bambuddha is a 100% stress free space, each owner must be responsible for the good behavior and cleanliness of their pets, relations with other dogs or with people around. If your dog is aggressive or easily gets nervous, we suggest you do not travel with your pet.

Pets are not allowed to be left alone in the rooms, nor in any common area of ​​Bambuddha.

The cost per pet is $ 350 per 4-day stay. If the stay is longer, they must pay an additional fee for the same amount.

For more details of the policies for the lodging and general access of pets, you should read and agree with the full terms and conditions that can be consulted here.



We offer 100% secure parking for our guests and visitors. They can use it without any additional charge. No vehicle can be parked inside the Bambuddha facilities,  it is only to download and load luggage or work equipment. You can not park on the access road due to loading and unloading vehicles that constantly enter this area.

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