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Eventos Empresas Bambuddha
Bambuddha Centro Holistico
Coaching, Mindfullness, Training     

High Consciousness Consulting Activities are based on Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Group and Private Yoga and Training sessions.

Bambuddha, together with the team of consultants of Present Life Consulting and Politics from the Self, Center for Consulting, Training and Research, offers advice to prepare  courses, retreats and Extraordinary Organizational Development Interventions to support the growth of companies based on the well-being of their collaborators.


Our leadership development methodologies, team integration, work climate diagnosis and definition of strategic focus are combined with coaching, mindfulness, meditation and yoga techniques to support the organization in its evolution towards a high performance, healthy culture enjoyment and social conscience. Always starting from the individual change, our methodology of work with the leaders is oriented to achieve the results they want via the expression of their full potential, recognizing also their responsibility in the protection of nature and the planet, as well as their potential to develop socially to the communities where the living organism has been nourished, which is the company.


All this can take place within the facilities of Bambuddha Acapulco, a place with a privileged location on one of the most beautiful beaches of Acapulco, suitable for a retreat of well-being, productivity, awareness and relaxation for your team. Ask for private group options for up to 30 people with lodging included

Eventos Capacitación Bambuddha
Eventos Integración Bambuddha
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