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If you are interested to attend  a Yoga, Meditation, Fitness or Detox Retreat, Bambuddha Centro Holístico Acapulco has different options for you. Spend few days to relax and detox  your body, mind and soul.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats

These retreats are for those interested in  Yoga and Meditation. We have a calendar throughout the year with workshops in different techniques that will allow you to have 3 to 4 days of intense and continuous practices.


These retreats are for people who love to practice yoga on regular basis, however,  if you are interested in participating in a yoga retreat, there are also retreats for beginners.




Ask for our activities program through the year. * If you are a school, company or meditation and yoga center interested in organizing a group retreat, contact us for more information.

Fitness and Boot Camps Retreats

The Bambuddha beach is the perfect location to workout any type of high performance training.

Using training programs that work the whole body, activating each muscle group in a direct way.

We do cross functional training programs; strength, power and endurance, draining stress with a series of free cardio exercises.

We close the intense and high performance training, with yoga and meditation sessions to relax the body and mind.


* If you are a coach or you are interested in organizing a group for training on the beach, we have special reservations for groups up to 30 people with lodging and healthy meal plans included.

Body Detox and Healing Retreats

These retreats are the perfect opportunity to spend a few days of absolute relaxation, connecting your body, mind and spirit with the nature and good vibes of Bambuddha



Detox your body and mind with our exclusive Bambuddha Detox Retreats

Enjoy a few days where you can take Yoga and Meditation classes no matter what level you have.


From wellness packages with different options, ranging from fasts and colonics, transpersonal psychotherapy therapies, physical healing therapies, tibetan healing sesions, holistic massages and Temazcal ceremonies.



Ask about our retreats that teach different teachings and group therapies

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